“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

—— Paykhan

Paykhan:In our technological world, everything can still be imagined with a simple pen & paper




Hi, Paykhan. Welcome to Paat Talk, It’s my honor to interview you, Would you like to introduce yourself at first? (Your basic information?/Where are you living currently?)


Paykhan:Hi, I’m Guillaume Roux, working as a freelancer under the name of Paykhan, I’m a Multidisciplinary Graphic designer & Illustrator originally from Paris & currently living in São Paulo (Brazil). I’ve been working as a freelancer for around 10 years now, mainly creating Visual identity / logotype as well as creating illustrations, web/mobile design or Print design for brands and companies. I like to create a link between all those medium of work to accompany my clients into the creation of their brand visual & project in order to create a full visual experience.

Paykhan:嗨,我是Guillaume Roux,是以Paykhan为艺名的自由设计师,我是一位来自巴黎的平面设计师和插画家,目前居住在巴西圣保罗。 我自由设计师有10年左右的时间,主要负责创建视觉识别/徽标以及为品牌和公司创建插图,网页/移动端设计印刷设计。 我喜欢在所有这些工作媒介之间建立联系,客户创建其品牌视觉和项目,为了更加完整的视觉体验。

《Nouvelles Explorations 2019》

Art Direction × Illustration × Digital & Print design
Seconde collaboration avec le Festival des Nouvelles Explorations pour leur 4ème edition autour du thème des "Trajectoires" et la création de l'identité globale ainsi que des illustrations pour l’événement. Le festival explore des trajectoires parfois nouvelles, parfois éternelles : de la soie ou des épices, routes maritimes inédites, traversées des pôles, cheminements d’une nouvelle humanité, chemins de migrations, nouvelles orbites dans l’espace interplanétaire et enfin, les mondes imaginaires de la science-fiction. 

Design de l'ensemble des supports print & digitaux pour l’événement. Le Festival s'est déroulé du 16 au 20 octobre 2019 à Royan, France.


艺术指导×  插图×数字和印刷设计
与“ 新探索节”的第二次合作,以“轨迹”为主题的第四版,并创造了全球形象以及活动插图。这个节日探索了有时新的,有时是永恒的轨迹:丝绸或香料,新的海上路线,两极交叉,新人类的路线,迁徙路线,行星际空间中的新轨道以及最后的虚构世界科幻小说。 

设计该活动的所有印刷和数字支持。 音乐节于2019年10月16日至20日在法国鲁瓦扬举行。

What do you think the difference and the similar between China and France's design?


Paykhan:First of all, I'm a big fan of the chinese esthetic into art, especially the beauty and complexity of ideograms that truely fascinates me. I see a huge taste for details and a form of sophistication in both our countries. I have an interest for Tea products from China (i’m a daily tea drinker), I really like the work on identity and packaging created by certain designers, where in France we have this sort of visual treatment for wine product. Culture is probably the huge difference between China & France in design, where color psychology are sometimes opposed and symbolism different. 

Paykhan:首先我非常热爱中国的艺术美学,尤其是字符的美和复杂性让我特别着迷我看到我们两家的设计都对细节和复杂性有浓厚的兴趣。 我对中国的茶(我每天都喝茶)非常感兴趣,很喜欢标识和包装方面的设计工作,在法国,我们对葡萄酒产品的包装进行了很多视觉训练文化差异可能使得中法两国在设计上存在巨大差异,色彩寓意有时是相反的,象征着不同的方面

Ciney:Who is your favorite artist? How does he/she affect your design style?


Paykhan:If I have to choose only one favorite artist it would be James Jean, he’s an illustrator & painter that works for magazines covers, fashion, murals and on personal pieces for exhibition. What I like in his work is the sensation of freedom, the inspiration from nature, the intricate details and the modern creative language of it.  But i don’t have only one that comes to my mind, it’s more about certain works from different artists.


Paykhan:如果我一定要选择一个最喜欢的艺术家,那就是James Jean,他是一位插画家&画家,主要从事杂志封面,时装,壁画和一些个人作品的展览。 我喜欢他的作品有一种自由的感觉,灵感来源于自然,错综复杂的细节以及现代的创作手法。 但是我想到的不只是一件作品,而是更多不同艺术家的某些作品。

Ciney:How do you set your design theme before you start your illustration work?


Paykhan:This depends if it’s a personal or a commissioned work, but most of the time I note down ideas & concepts on a paper or a notepad app like ‘Google keep’ on my phone before any visual research. It helps me to keep idea that can suddenly pop-up in my mind, which is very important. Any of my project starts with a preliminary work on paper, with sketches to give a first creative direction & some first color explorations for the project.


Paykhan:这取决于是个人作品还是委托作品,但是大多数情况下,我会先用纸或记事本应用(例如“ Google Keep”)记下想法和概念,然后再进行视觉的调研。 这有助于我可能突然出现的想法牢记在心,这非常重要。 我的每个项目都是先在纸上进行初步工作,并提供草图以为该项目提供第一个创造性的方向和一些初步的色彩探索。

Human Days》

Direction artistique × Identité Globale × Illustration
Human Days est un événement crée par Mutinerie autour des nouvelles formes de travail indépendants. L’événement s'est déroulé sur 3 jours avec des conférences & workshops autour de grandes thématiques relatives aux nouvelles problématiques de mobilité, d'indépendance, de recrutement etc... liées à notre monde connecté et nomade. Chaque thématiques est illustrée par une planète/personnage crée pour l'occasion.


艺术指导×全球认同  ×  插图“
人类的日子”是Mutinerie 围绕新形式的独立作品创建的活动该活动历时三天,围绕与流动性,独立性,招募等新问题相关的主要主题举行了会议和讲习班,这些新问题与我们连接的游牧世界相关。每个主题均通过为此场合创建的星球/角色进行说明。

Ciney:How do you like to record your life? Do you have a sketch book? (If yes could you please show us some photos of them?)



Paykhan:Sketchbooks are surrounding me all the time and I’m always noting down stuff on paper, because my brain tends to forget everything! I have a lot of them with different size or paper. It’s a good way to translate & draw something on paper, whenever it comes to your mind.

Paykhan:手绘本是我一直带在身上的,我总是下一些事情,因为我的大脑容易就把一切忘记了! 我有很多不同尺寸的纸。 当你大脑里闪过一些画面时,这是一种绘图记录的好方法。

pieces of sketch


Ciney:As we all know the long history of the fabulous art in Europe and a quite different genre of art, which one inspires you more?


Paykhan:I had a form of rejection of traditional art for a long time of my teenage years , when i was more captivated by the modern art & street art as a form of expression than the traditional form of art. And then I studied Art History later at school, where I learned more about the historical background of all those movement. I discovered Surrealism that really fascinated me, there’s a form a freedom in this movement and something that explore subconscious ideas. I’m also a big fan of painters like Jheronimus Bosch, Magritte, Klimt, Caillebotte...


Paykhan:在我少年时期的很长一段时间里,我都对传统艺术都比较排斥,那时我更着迷于现代艺术和街头艺术表现形式。 后来我在学校学习艺术史,那会我了解这些运动的历史背景。 我发现超现实主义确实让我特别感兴趣,这种运动有一种形式的自由,还有一种探索潜意识的东西。 我也是Jheronimus BoschMagritteKlimtCaillebotte等画家的忠实粉丝

Ciney:There are many city views in your illustration work <Socialter>, it makes people feel lonely, what’s the meaning of the city to you?

Ciney:看您的插画作品《 Socialter》中有很多画了城市的景色,会给人一种强烈的孤独感,请问城市对您有什么意义?(社交软件app)


Paykhan:I have an ambiguous relationship with cities. they are a vivid, dynamic representation of our cultures, where everything is mixed, which makes me energetic & motivated. But on the other hand it seems easy to feel the opposite  and be alone. I always feel that nature is a place to reconnect with ourselves, where probably city is a place to connect to one  another.


Some visual of this project are visible here : https://www.behance.net/gallery/66809611/Socialter-La-Nuit


Paykhan:我和城市之间有着说不清楚的关系城市鲜明的、有活力的也是文化的一种代表,所有事物都融合在一起,这使我充满活力和动力。 但另一方面似乎很容易感城市鲜活的背后还有一种孤独。 我一直觉得大自然是人们和自我连接的地方,而城市可能是人们彼此连接的地方。


Socialter Magazine : La Nuit.


Illustration de couverture pour l'édition estivale de Socialter Magazine à propos de "la Nuit". Ou comment nos vies et l'utilisation de la technologie impactent & réduisent l'espace que nous dédions à la nuit. Socialter magazine propose une vision de l’économie axée sur le changement et les mutations.


封面插图为《 Socialter》杂志夏季版的“夜”。或者我们的生活和技术使用如何影响并减少我们投入夜晚的空间。《社会主义者》杂志提供了关于变革和变革的经济愿景。

Ciney:You used many different forms and skills to present your visual design work, so the design outcome is based on your interest or brand insight?


Paykhan: I like to explore different forms of expressions for my project, but most of the time i define a visual language that will resonate with the brand/client that I work for, to develop something connected to the core values of each of my projects.




Insight Club》

Art Direction × Print Design × Webdesign
Insight Club est un Studio de Création basé dans le sud de la France, spécialisé en digital sous la forme d'un Club regroupant des concepteurs, des créatifs & des développeurs proposant de la création digitale sur mesure à ses clients. Création d'une identité Globale déclinée sur papeterie ainsi que le design du site Web.


艺术指导 ×打印设计  ×  网页设计

Ciney:According to my understanding, many European design works are supported by strong artistic theories, What do you think of your design works? More commercialize or academic? How do you balance the relationship between them?


Paykhan: It’s a difficult question, I would say that most of the work that I present are commissioned and a few personal, so in a certain way more commercial than ‘academic’. But i try to always integrate something very personal to give them more depth. I recently share a bit more about personal project and series, mainly on Instagram.



Paykhan:这个问题好难,我的是,我做的大部分工作都是承接的一些项目有些是私人的,所以在某种程度上相对“学术”更具商业意义。 但是我一直尝试融合一些非常个人化的内容以使项目深刻。 最近我在Instagram上分享一些个人项目和系列的更多信息。



Ciney:Was there a tough time in your creative process? How did you continue to create? What is the most impressive project?


Paykhan:There’s some period of time where creative process becomes more  difficult, most of the time I discovered that it’s about getting inspired by disconnecting and doing something else that you like to get the creative juice back. But creating on a longer term can be challenging, it’s important to always learn new things from different topics and have personal projects to nourish your mind.


The most impressive project that I worked on recently was creating two massive mural illustrations of 5.5 meters large for an international startup company headquarters in Paris. It was amazing to work for such large pieces from conceptualizing the ideas to color scheme choices and production of the illustrations.

Paykhan:有一段时间创作过程困难,大多数时候,我会做很多无关的事情来获取灵感。 但是长期创作充满挑战,重要的是要始终从不同的主题中学习新的东西并且要有个人的作品丰富你的想法


我最近从事的最令人印象深刻的项目是为巴黎的一家国际初创公司总部制作了两幅5.5米大的大型壁画插图。 从概念的构思到配色方案的选择以及插图的制作,这么大的作品真的很酷

Mural Illustrations × Tradelab》

Illustration × Wall-design
Création de 2 murs-illustrés pour les quartiers généraux de Tradelab au cœur de Paris. Chaque mur de 5 mètres de large à été crée sur mesure autour d'une carte blanche proposée par Tradelab. J'ai crée ces visuels avec en tête l'idée d'écosystème, de l'approche technologique de Tradelab et une inspiration de jungle.




Ciney:Why do you choose to be a freelancer?


Paykhan:After several years working for agencies in Paris as Graphic Designer & Art Director, mainly for digital and web design, I realised that I wanted to explore more areas of the creative industry and get more freedom on the projects that I would work on. By being able to give more insights and guidance throughout the creation process of branding, identity, visual design or illustration projects with my clients. It took me time to decide, but it was something very impactful to my own career, I’m very proud of this decision today.


Paykhan:在巴黎的机构担任平面设计师和艺术总监(主要负责数字和网页设计)几年后,我意识到我想探索创意产业的更多领域,并且自己做项目会更自由。 通过在与客户的品牌,标识,视觉设计插画项目的整个创建过程中提供更多的见解和指导。 我花了一些时间做出决定,但这对我自己的职业生涯影响很大,如今我为自己的决定感到骄傲。


Ciney:What design websites do you like to browse? Do you have any suggestions for the junior designers?


Paykhan:Instagram is a nice place for design, there is such a big community and many talented artists, but i would definitely recommend Behance as a great international platform for creatives where people share final project and process of their work. 




Ciney:My friends and colleagues like your design works very much, do you have the plan to work in China? (If you are already here, just ignore me lol)

Ciney:给一些朋友看了您的作品,大家都很喜欢,请问有来中国发展的想法吗(如果已经在中国了 当我没说lol)

Paykhan:Thanks for the kind words. I definitely look forward to collaborate with Chinese clients or brands in the future, for the reason that i am always curious and inspired by different cultures. I have traveled already in China before and i found it definitely an interesting place to work and live. I love asian food and i drink tea everyday. So yes it will be for sure an exciting idea to build more connections with China when it comes to work.